Certified Organic Produce

At Kiowa Valley Organics we grow the finest in Certified Organic Produce. Kiowa Valley Organics has sold organic produce into the Denver area for 40 years under the name Golden West Farms. You may know our asparagus from your local grocer. We never use any chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides. All produce is vine ripened and picked at the peak of flavor and sugar content for the perfect flavor. In addition to being vine ripened, Colorado's hot days and cool nights make for the sweetest fruits around.

We use manure and compost to provide the essential nutrients for the plants and healthy microorganisms for the soil. Beneficial insects are also encouraged on our farm to control insect infestations. Honeybees also live on the farm to aid in flower pollination. It is important to us that we leave the land to our children in better health then we received it. Keeping the plants and soil as healthy as possible eliminates the need for chemicals. Maintaining nature's healthy balance is most important to us.

Produce Availabilty

Please see our produce purchase page for details on how to purchase our produce.

AsparagusApril 15-June 15
Yellow SquashJune-August
Slicer CucumbersJuly-August
Chili PeppersAugust-September
Mix MelonsAugust-September
Sweet PeppersAugust-September
Winter SquashAugust-December

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