About Us

Kiowa Valley Organics is a small family owned and operated farm consisting of approximately 200 acres on the Eastern Plains of Colorado owned by Sara Bevan and David Rippe.

Sara was a late bloomer when it came to farming. However, her father has had an organic garden since long before most people knew what that meant. He always told her that if you keep the soil and plant healthy the plant wouldn't be susceptible to diseases and insect damage. She remembers going with her father to pick up manure at the local stable, loading it themselves with a pitchfork and shovel. As an adult she started growing produce on a quarter acre plot and selling it at the Boulder Farmers Market. She started working for Golden West Farms in 1994 where she learned to farm on a larger scale. Golden West Farms supplied organic produce into the Front Range markets. When the owner retired, Sara and David continued the farm operation and expanded the produce to David's farm near Roggen.

David grew up on the family dairy farm. By the time he was in high school he was responsible for all the feeding of the cattle and much of the fieldwork and irrigation. The family eventually quit the dairy business and switched the operation to beef cattle and small grains and hay. David made move to organic in 1991 after seeing the use of medication in the dairy cattle having less effect in the cattle and the repeated use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides depleting the soil. David has always believed that he wanted to leave the soil healthier then the way he got it.

Sara and David now have 50 acres of organic produce and the balance is in pasture for the cattle. Sara's organic produce knowledge together with David's cattle and farming knowledge gives Kiowa Valley Organics the expertise to provide the customer with a quality product.

We all believe that the more sustainably we live, the better the earth is for future generations.

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